Wildcat Cafe
Lunch Menu

Thank you SCRCS families and staff for supporting the Wildcat Cafe! We have a lot of changes this year due to the COVID pandemic. Please reach out to me via email or cell phone: tschwartzbeck@sjrcs.org 304-283-2862 and I will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have!

My School Bucks is the preferred payment method and will be available to load money onto student/staff accounts online. No cash or checks will be accepted from students in school. Checks may be mailed directly to the school cafeteria to refill student accounts. Students will not handle cafeteria payment at school. 

We will have cold box lunches available each day for $4.00. All 5 food groups will be included. We will have pizza on the menu twice a week according to the following schedule from Domino’s: Grades K-4 on Tuesdays Grades 5-8 on Thursdays We will accommodate Gluten-free and Dairy-free selections in box lunches upon request. Gluten-free pizza is not available this year. We will not serve peanut products/tree nut products. It will not be possible to offer foods exclusively made in peanut/nut free facilities. There will be no snack table, a la carte items, or ice cream. Students will eat lunch in the classroom. Aides/teachers will pick up box lunches and deliver them to the classroom.

Pre Ordered lunches are required ONLINE by Friday for the following week. Students must preorder by August 28th for the entire following week September 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The ordering through MySchoolBucks accepts up to 1 week of pre orders for each student. Lunches ordered after the Friday deadline will be considered late and you will be charged for an OOPS lunch ($5).

Student accounts will be charged for their pre ordered lunch unless the student stays home or leaves school early without receiving their lunch due to illness, appointments, etc.

Each box lunch will be labeled with the student’s name and homeroom, and special dietary requests, when applicable. All lunches will be packaged in disposable/carry-out containers and contain the necessary condiments, utensils, straws, and napkins for that particular lunch. Classrooms will be provided with a lunch garbage can for cleaning up after lunch with the assistance of the aide/teacher.

OOPS lunches will be available: sandwich (ham, cheese, or jelly), chips, fruit, yogurt or string cheese, cookie, and water or milk. A student may substitute a green salad for dairy item, if allergic. Aides/teachers and Front Desk staff will alert the cafeteria when an OOPS Lunch is needed. Pre ordered lunch will be $4 OOPS lunch will be $5 After the first month of school, we will re-evaluate the menu and may add Hot Lunch options in October if we can accommodate them.

We are committed to provide nutritious, delicious, and safe meals to students and staff! We welcome your comments and suggestions via email or phone! If you need to meet in person, please call the front office to schedule an appointment. We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful year!

Tanya Schwartzbeck

Cafeteria Manager