PARENTS IN PARTNERSHIP                   

Parents, guardians, and family members of the students in St. John Regional Catholic School are encouraged to become actively involved by volunteering here at school. Thank you for taking an active role in your child’s education. SJRCS cannot run without parent participation. Parents may receive a discount off their tuition in the amount of $10 an hour up to 30 hours per student. This can reduce each student’s tuition by $300. The Pre-K half-day students can earn a $150 reduction in tuition by volunteering 15 hours a year. There will be plenty of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. This is a positive effort to help build up the SJRCS volunteer community and give families an opportunity to reduce tuition costs.

Student 1            30 hours of volunteering equals $300 reduction off tuition                                                    
Student 2            60 hours of volunteering equals $600 reduction off tuition
Student 3            90 hours of volunteering equals $900 reduction off tuition
½ day Students   15 hours of volunteering equals $150 reduction off tuition
Volunteer credits will be deducted from your May tuition payment. Hours accumulated after April 30th will be applied to the following school year. If you pay in full.  All volunteers must be VIRTUS certified when volunteering for any activity at the school. Yes, family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) can volunteer as long as they are VIRTUS certified. Contact Denise Price if you need guidance.

If you can provide a service or special talent to the school that is not listed, please we would love to talk about it. 

Ways to Earn Volunteer Hours Now!

Write positive reviews on the following 4 sites and earn 5 hours. Please email Lara Schumacher at LSchumacher@sjrcs.org after you complete the reviews to ensure you receive credit.


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