By choosing a Catholic school, a family is choosing to invest in a child's future. A Catholic school education is a financial investment, and our graduates and their families would attest to the fact that it is well worth it!
For less than $20 a day, you can give your child the gift of an exemplary Catholic education, with academic excellence, and in a safe environment.   We will help your child assemble a solid foundation and reinforce your family's values.  With an SJRCS education, your child is primed for success in high school, college, and career!



Grades PKRegional Parishioner Fee     Other Faiths Fee
PK3 1/2 Day (3 days)  $2,927     $3,373
PK3 & PK4 1/2 Days (5 days)  $4,878     $5,622
PK3 & PK4 Full Day (5 days)  $8,130     $9,560
Grades K-8
Regional Parishioner Fee   Other Faiths Fee
Student 1 $8,130     $9,560
Student 2 $7,317     $8,604
Student 3 $6,098     $7,171
Student 4 $3,252     $3,824
Student 5 $1,626     $1,912


A 10% Military Discount is offered for families who have a parent that is "Active" Military.


FACTS Tuition Contract Highlights

 We are pleased to offer FACTS e-Cahier by FACTS Management Company. Enrollment in the FACTS Tuition Management Program is mandatory for all payment plans. Through FACTS e-Cashier you will be able to:

  • Arrange for a single payment, due August 1st or 15th.  A 4% discount will be applied to your FACTS Tuition account once it is set-up.
  • Arrange for semi-annual payments, due August 1st or 15th & December 1st or 15th. a 2% discount off your second payment will be applied to your FACTS Tuition account once it is set up.
  • Arrange for monthly payment, due August 1st or 15th through May 1st or 15th.

FACTS will allow you to make payment(s) by:

  • Check (Invoice Agreement if Paid in Full by August 15th)
  • ACH Bank Draft- Automatic checking or savings account deductions (U.S. Banks Only) PREFERRED METHOD
  • Credit Card- A 2.85% service fee will be applied to all credit card payments. If you wish to avoid any service fee charges, please use the ACH draft payment options when setting up your FACTS Tuition account.


Enrollment / Re-Enrollment 

Returning Students:  In order to reserve a place in the class, the re-enrollment fee is due at the time of re-enrollment. In the event that a class is filled, non-enrolled students or students whose re-enrollment fee is unpaid will not be guaranteed placement.

New Students: The enrollment fee is due at the time of enrollment.

Enrollment/Re-Enrollment fees are non-refundable unless a family moves out of the area prior to the opening of school.

Enrollment/ Re-Enrollment is not complete until the fee is paid.


ALL new students are subject to a two-month evaluation period.  If during this time the school is unable to meet the needs of the student(s), the parent(s) will be asked to place their child in another school.  This recommendation would only occur after communication with the parents.

Current Students (Re-Enrollment)

Early Bird Rate

  • Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - Monday, February 28, 2022
  • The re-enrollment fee is $350 (first child) and $275 (per additional child) during the early re-enrollment period.
  • The re-enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Regular Rate

  • Begins Tuesday, March 1, 2022
  • The re-enrollment fee is $400 per child.
The re-enrollment fees are non-refundable


Delinquent Tuition Accounts

Accounts are considered delinquent after the last working day of the month. In case of insufficient funds or credit card denial, your FACTS Tuition account will be charged a $30.00 fee.

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Parents and guardians of the students in St. John Regional Catholic School are encouraged to become actively involved by volunteering here at school. Parents may receive a discount off their tuition in the amount of $10 an hour up to 30 hours per student. This can reduce each student’s tuition by $300 each. The Pre-K half-day students can earn a $150 reduction in tuition by volunteering 15 hours a year.


Student 1      30 hours of volunteering equals $300 reduction off tuition

Student 2      60 hours of volunteering equals $600 reduction off tuition

Student 3      90 hours of volunteering equals $900 reduction off tuition                                                                 

½ day Students   15 hours of volunteering equals $150 reduction off tuition

All volunteers must be VIRTUS certified when volunteering for any activity at the school.



Is financial assistance available?

Financial assistance is available through the Archdiocese of Baltimore,  Frederick County Parish Tuition Assistance Fund, Friends of Catholic Education Scholarships, Walser Foundation, James & Marian McSherry Endowment Scholarship, the Eliot Kelly Scholarship, and SJRCS. 

SJRCS Grants & Scholarships are awarded to students based on merit and financial need.  In order to apply for a grant or scholarship, you must apply through FACTS Grant & Aid. 



Why is there a different tuition rate for a family of another faith?

All registered Catholic parishioners regularly give a financial offering to their parish through the weekly collection. This monetary contribution is used to cover various maintenance costs for the parish and school facilities, including offsetting the cost to educate all students. It is acknowledged that while these families pay a lower annual tuition rate they are offering financial contributions to the parish collection which also benefits the school.


To apply for Financial Assistance or SJRCS Grants & Scholarships Click Here