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It is understood and appreciated the financial commitment families undertake in deciding to send their children to St. John Regional Catholic School. And although paying for education is first and foremost the responsibility of a family, each school, parish and the Archdiocese of Baltimore devote significant funds each year to financial aid programs that help assist families.

St. John Regional Catholic School believes that the cost of a high-quality education should not be a deterrent to prospective applicants. In recognition of the concern families share about finding adequate resources to meet these costs, our scholarships, grants, and financial assistance programs are designed to help make SJRCS more affordable for those families that seek a Catholic faith-based education for their child.

FACTS is the tuition management and grant and aid platform used by the schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. In order to be considered for any financial assistance, you must apply for aid through FACTS Grant & Aid. FACTS Management Company will be providing Grant & Aid analysis for all families applying for financial assistance through the AOB, Regional Parishes, Friends of Catholic Education, and St. John Regional Catholic School.

NEW applicants can apply online by clicking here to set up an account.  If you have a current FACTS Tuition Account, go to the "Parent" tab on this website and simply log onto to your account using your existing username and password.

Please make sure to indicate our school name AND your parish name when applying.

You only need to apply once to be considered for assistance from the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Friends of Catholic Education, Frederick County Parish Tuition Assistance Fund, and St. John Regional Catholic School.


All are welcome and encouraged to apply! Please note that all Information provided is confidential.


For more information about financial aid please contact Mr. Serge Homma, Finance Director, at 301-662-6722 or by email shomma@sjrcs.org.


Please be aware of deadlines to apply: 



02/28/2023      Archdiocese of Baltimore (AOB) - Deadline for Grant & Aid Application

03/15/2023      Archdiocese of Baltimore (AOB) - 2021 Taxes/All Supporting Documents Uploaded 


03/31/2023      Friends of Catholic Education (FOCE) - Grant & Aid Application and Taxes/All Supporting Documents Uploaded


03/31/2023      Frederick County Parish Tuition Assistance Fund (FCPTAF) - Grant & Aid Application and Taxes/All Supporting                                

04/30/2023     BOOST Scholarship program Application through State of Maryland

06/30/2023     St John Regional Catholic School (SJRCS) - Grant & Aid Application and Taxes/All Supporting Documents                                       Uploaded


IMPORTANT:  You only need to apply once through FACTS Grant & Aid to be considered for tuition assistance through the AOB, FOCE, FCPTAF and St. John Regional Catholic School.


Please Note:  There is a FACTS Grant & Aid application fee of $35.00



Archdiocesan Grant and Aid

Archdiocesan tuition grant and aid is available to registered parishioners of any Catholic church in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. A financial grant may apply to each student, so a family with several children in the school or in various Catholic schools in the Archdiocese could receive a grant for each child. Archdiocesan tuition assistance generally comes from two funding sources: the Partners in Excellence Program and the Archdiocese of Baltimore School Fund. The Archdiocese is also contracted with FACTS so each family need only apply for grant and aid once. 

All applications will be reviewed by the Archdiocese to determine which families qualify for Archdiocesan aid. Grants awarded by the Archdiocese are renewed annually for the child's entire K-12 Catholic education as long as the family is still eligible. Completed FACTS Grant and Aid applications must be received no later than February 28th annually. All tuition assistance awards are contingent upon a completed FACTS Grant & Aid application with all required documentation submitted. 


Friends of Catholic Education

Through the generosity of their donors, particularly those who have remembered Friends of Catholic Education in their estate planning, the organization has made a significant impact in reducing tuition costs for families by providing a variety of scholarship opportunities for students throughout Frederick, Maryland.

For general guidelines regarding scholarship application procedures for elementary and secondary schools Click Here



Frederick County Parish Tuition Assistance Fund

In order to be eligible for the Parish Tuition Assistance Fund, a family must be registered at one of the following Frederick County parishes:

St. John the Evangelist, St. Katharine Drexel, St. Peter the Apostle, St. Timothy, St. Joseph-on-Carrollton Manor, Holy Family, St. Ignatius, St. Francis of Assisi/St. Mary.

Multiple scholarships are awarded based on need. Your family must be active parishioners, which includes sharing time and talent, and must contribute to the parish financially on a regular basis either through envelopes or electronic funds transfer. You must also apply for assistance through FACTS Grant & Aid by the published deadline. 


St. John Regional Catholic School Scholarships

Rising Scholars’ Scholarship- This scholarship is awarded to a student entering seventh grade who has earned Principal’s List Honor Roll recognition throughout sixth grade.

Carson Etter Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a rising 4th grade student who is proficient in Math and exhibits outstanding character. The recipient of this award is recommended by the third grade teachers and the principal.

Anonymous Endowment Scholarship: This scholarship is made available through a generous anonymous donation. The scholarship is to be awarded to a high-performing student who might not be able to attend SJRCS without financial assistance.

Principal’s Scholarship- This scholarship is awarded to any student in grades K through 8.

Elliot Kelly Endowment Scholarship- This scholarship is awarded to a student entering Kindergarten or 1st grade.

Saint Junipera Serra Scholarship: This scholarship is named for America’s first Hispanic saint. It will be awarded to a Kindergarten – Grade 6 student of Hispanic descent.

Mustard Seed Endowment Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to any Pre-K through 6 grade student whose FACTS application indicates significant financial need.

Father Funk Scholarship- This scholarship can be awarded to a student in any grade who is a parishioner at St. John the Evangelist parish in Frederick.

Margie Amedeo Scholarship- This scholarship can be awarded to a student in any grade who is a parishioner at St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Community.

McSherry Scholarship- This scholarship was established in memory of Mr. and Mrs. James McSherry and can be awarded to a student in any grade.

Walser Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students in grades K-4th.

The Grove Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to multiple students whose FACTS applications indicate a financial need.

Catholic Family Grant:  Grant offered by SJRCS to families who require assistance. The amount varies per year depending on the funds available.


Welcome Grants 


Students currently enrolled in public school who wish to transfer to SJRCS 
Enrolling in Grade 2-6 ONLY
Application for Admission submitted to SJRCS January 1st through June 30th for the following school year

Those that qualify will receive:

$2,000 off tuition in the first year of enrollment
$1,000 off tuition in the second year of enrollment
Welcome Grant Application Required!  
A limited number of Welcome Grants available per School year!

Other Scholarship Opportunities  (separate application required)


State of Maryland BOOST Scholarship Program 

The Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST) program, offered by the State of Maryland, provides scholarships for students who are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program and attend an eligible nonpublic school.  

The program is open to both public school students seeking a scholarship for St. John Regional Catholic School, and current SJRCS students who qualify! Please remember that you must reapply every year even if your student received BOOST in prior years. 

Students entering grades K – 8 who are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program are eligible to apply.

The BOOST Scholarship Program will continue as long as it is funded by the State of Maryland.

For more information or to apply visit HERE.


Folds of Honor Children’s Fund Scholarship

The Folds of Honor Children’s Fund Scholarship program seeks to provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members. Applications can be found HERE

The Scholarship application is only available from February 1st through March 31st. 

Theresa F. Truschel Scholarship: Established to provide scholarships to students attending Catholic schools at all levels, as well as to provide grants to Catholic institutions and organizations which are helping those in need who require temporary financial assistance to support themselves and their families. The application can be found at: www.theresaftruschel.googlepages.com


Merit-Based Scholarships

The following scholarships are available to those students who excel academically. 


The Knott Scholarship:

The Knott Scholarship Funds offers four years, full tuition elementary and secondary scholarships to academically accomplished students entering the 5th or 8th grades. This unique scholarship is only available to Catholic students in the Archdiocese of Baltimore who wish to attend a Catholic school. Applications are due every year in March for scholarships starting the following fall. Please visit  www.knottscholar.org or call our office at: 443-325-7884 

 Requirements include:

 1. Baptized Catholic or convert

 2. Holds and maintains an A average in all major subjects

 3. Score 94th percentile or higher in Total Reading, Language, and Total Math on a nationally standardized test

 More information can be found Click HERE

Friends of Catholic Education Scholarships

The Friends of Catholic Education (FOCE) offers several named scholarships to students from SJRCS. In order to be eligible to apply for an FOCE scholarship, a student must:

 1. Have a minimum of a “B” average

 2. Have scored 85% or higher on their standardized tests in Reading, Language, and Math

 3. Recommendation from Principal and Teacher

4. FACTS Grant and Aid application must be submitted for the application to be considered

More information can be found Click HERE



Referral Program

The highest compliment our parents can pay us is the referral of family or friends for an education at our school. To show our appreciation of your trust and confidence, we offer a Student Referral Program.

All families with students currently enrolled at St. John Regional Catholic School are eligible to receive a $350 tuition credit for new student referrals.

To receive credit:

Refer a student to our school.

Make sure the prospective family mentions your name on the online inquiry or application form.

A $350 credit will be applied to your FACTS tuition account once the referred student completes the enrollment process and begins the school year.

Start sharing and earning tuition credits today!  


Parents in Partnership Volunteer Program for the 2022/2023 School Year

Parents and guardians of the students in St. John Regional Catholic School are encouraged to become actively involved by volunteering here at school. Parents may receive a discount off their tuition in the amount of $10 an hour up to 30 hours per student. This can reduce each student’s tuition by $300. The Pre-K half day students can earn a $150 reduction in tuition by volunteering 15 hours a year.


Student 1      30 hours of volunteering equals $300 reduction

Student 2      60 hours of volunteering equals $600 reduction

Student 3      90 hours of volunteering equals $900 reduction


½ day Students   15 hours of volunteering equals $150 reduction off tuition

All volunteers must complete VIRTUS training before volunteering for any activity at the school.


FOCE Food Gift Card Program 

Friends of Catholic Education (FOCE) supports a Food Gift Card Program to assist parents in reducing the cost of tuition.  FOCE is able to purchase gift cards at a discount from local major grocery chains. The discount that FOCE receives is passed on to parents who purchase the gift cards as tuition credits.                                                                                                                                 

To learn more about the FOCE Food Gift Card Program, please contact Mr. Serge Homma at 301-662-6722 or at shomma@sjrcs.org.


Raise Right Program (formerly SCRIP Program) 

SJRCS participates in a program with Raise Right.  Gift cards can be purchased through the Raise Right website in everyday categories including groceries, gas, restaurants and more.  A percentage of each gift card purchased is credited to your FACTS tuition account monthly. 

Examples of how much can be earned in tuition credits include: Starbucks (7%), Land’s End (15%), Regal Movie Theaters (8%) and Panera Bread (8%). 

To learn more about the retailers that participate go to https://www.raiseright.com/. 

For more information, please contact Mr. Serge Homma at 301-662-6722 or at shomma@sjrcs.org.




"As a single working parent, I wasn't sure how I would be able to afford Catholic school, but it was important to me that she gets a moral education along with a rigorous academic education. I was prepared to make scarifies, but with uniforms and other costs, it was too much for me to handle on my own. The financial assistance that we received, through scholarships and tuition assistance funds, allowed us to continue for all 9 years at SJRCS. It was hard to ask for help -- your pride gets in the way -- but I am so glad I did. No one ever made me feel badly about asking for assistance and it made my daughter feel like she was helping pay her way by earning scholarships.


It was a partnership between our family and the school and AOB --each one of us contributed towards the cost of her education. The return on that investment in us has multiplied many times over. She has been thriving in high school and has over 350 hours of community service. She is in National Honor Society and is also organizing a school-wide campaign for hunger relief. She is making the most of her education and is empowered because she knows that others have invested in her success."


-The Bracey Family