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WHEN: Scheduled for 24 hours starting January 28th, from 9a.m. to January 29th, until noon.

WHERE: Donate here or contact Sheila Evers at or 301-662-6722.

WHY: Because SJRCS is the best investment you can make in your community and together we can make it even better!

HOW MUCH:  No gift is too big or too small!

Day of Giving Matching Challenges are

brought you by:


The Towe Family Parent & Grandparent Match $20,000                                                                                    

Parents and Grandparents are encouraged to make a gift to match this generous donation of $20,000 made by The Towe Family.  If we reach our goal all SJRCS students will listen to music at lunch and will be entertained by our resident Wildcat DJ on January 29th. Plus, the homeroom class that has the highest participation percentage will receive a dress down day in the month of February and a no homework pass to use for one assignment.  Please use the Vital Challenge below to encourage other parents at the bottom of the page.                                                                                                                        



The Saccoia Family Alumni Match $5,000                                                                                                       

Did you know that parent Pat Saccoia is a Class of 1976 SJRCS Alumni?  The Saccoia Family is calling all Alumni to join them in giving back to the school that they love. Whether you went to school on 2nd Street or on Opossumtown Pike, let’s unite to keep the St. John mission alive and meet this challenge.              

Key 103 Alumni Challenge- Key 103 will broadcast throughout the day to alumni.  Post on the Key 103 site a school photo, favorite teacher, or your most treasured memory from grade school, and receive an alumni pin.


The Krietz Family Teacher & Staff Match$3,500                                                                                     

Reach the goal of $3,500 or 100% participation, and all teachers and staff will be treated to a celebration lunch.   In addition, if teachers make a donation of $30 or more you will receive a coupon with your choice of special benefits.    



Principal Smith Student Giving Match $1,000                                                                                             

When students reach the matching gift made by Principal Smith of $1,000 they will be treated to a Friday movie and popcorn party with Mrs. Smith. Please make a donation of $2 or more. 


The Ward Family Business Giving Match $1,000

Online Virtual Challenge                                                                                                                       

Challenge your family and friends to join the Day of Giving Excitement by participating in the Virtual Challenge using social media or email.  Just use the sample message below to challenge three friends, family, past parents, alumni, etc.  You can also go to the St. John Regional Catholic School Facebook page and share information about the Day of Giving.

I just made a gift to help support St. John Regional Catholic School at!  I challenge (tag three people) to do the same and continue the challenge.  Their goal is $60,000 in order to support all the wonderful things happening at SJRCS. #SJRCSdayofgiving #ManyGiftsCathEd


These generous SJRCS families have challenged to inspire us ALL.  Let’s come together as a community and match these pledges to make our goal of $60,000 in 24 hours a reality!    

Many Gifts, One Nation: Donation Portal is Open until noon on Wednesday, January 29th!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!