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We encourage parent involvement in our school’s mission and vision of the future. Our parents serve on a development panel and as parish ambassadors for our school. We invite our alumni to become actively involved in our school by attending special events that are planned throughout the year. Each year an alumni award is presented to a graduate who has demonstrated personal and professional achievements in their adult life. A yearly school newsletter, which includes an Annual Giving report, is mailed to all alumni, parents, grandparents and friends of the school. The Annual Fund is initiated in the fall of each year and runs through June 30. St. John’s is active within the Frederick community and is a member of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.


Testimonial:  How your donation has a direct impact on current students! 

As a single working parent, I wasn't sure how I would be able to afford Catholic school, but it was important to me that she gets a moral education along with a rigorous academic education.  I was prepared to make scarifies, but with uniforms and other costs, it was too much for me to handle on my own.  The financial assistance that we received, through scholarships and tuition assistance funds, allowed us to continue for all 9 years at SJRCS.  It was hard to ask for help -- your pride gets in the way -- but I am so glad I did.  No one ever made me feel badly about asking for assistance and it made my daughter feel like she was helping pay her way by earning scholarships.  It was a partnership between our family and the school and AOB --each one of us contributed towards the cost of her education.   The return on that investment in us has multiplied many times over.  She has been thriving in high school and has over 350 hours of community service.  She is in National Honor Society and is also organizing a school-wide campaign for hunger relief.  She is making the most of her education and is empowered because she knows that others have invested in her success.


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