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Financial Assistance


As a single working parent, I wasn't sure how I would be able to afford Catholic school, but it was important to me that she gets a moral education along with a rigorous academic education.  I was prepared to make scarifies, but with uniforms and other costs, it was too much for me to handle on my own.  The financial assistance that we received, through scholarships and tuition assistance funds, allowed us to continue for all 9 years at SJRCS.  It was hard to ask for help -- your pride gets in the way -- but I am so glad I did.  No one ever made me feel badly about asking for assistance and it made my daughter feel like she was helping pay her way by earning scholarships.  It was a partnership between our family and the school and AOB --each one of us contributed towards the cost of her education.   The return on that investment in us has multiplied many times over.  She has been thriving in high school and has over 350 hours of community service.  She is in National Honor Society and is also organizing a school-wide campaign for hunger relief.  She is making the most of her education and is empowered because she knows that others have invested in her success.

The Bracey Family


Financial assistance is available through the eight regional parishes, Friends of Catholic Education Scholarships, Walser Foundation, James & Marian McSherry Endowment Scholarship, the Eliot Kelly Scholarship (for Kindergarten) and SJRCS.

In order to be considered for any financial assistance, you must apply for aid through FACTS Grant & Aid and be a registered student at SJRCS.

For the 2018/2019 school year, FACTS Management Company will be providing Grant & Aid analysis for all familes applying for financial assistance through the AOB, regional parishes and St. John Regional Catholic School.

Applicants can apply online by clicking on the FACTS Tuition OR FACTS Grant & Aid links found on the Home page of this website. If you have a current FACTS Tuition account, simply logon to your account using your existing username and password. Click on the blue link, "Apply for Grant & Aid", to begin the application process.  If you do NOT have a FACTS Tuition account, click on the FACTS Grant & Aid link to set-up an account.


Please make sure to indicate our school name AND your parish name when applying. Additionally, if you are a parishioner at Holy Family, Middletown, you must also submit a letter requesting assistance to the parish office.  St. Peter the Apostle requires that a Parish Application be submitted, as well.  Please contact St. Peter's for additional information.

All are welcome and encouraged to apply. Information provided is confidential. For more information, contact Mrs. Jill Buls, Business Manager, at 301-662-6722 or by email


Application DEADLINES:

The Archdiocese of Baltimore's deadline is February 28th.

St. John Regional Catholic School's deadline is April 13th.

FOCE March 30th.

Frederick County Parish Tuition Assistance Fund March 30th.

FOCE Program

Friends of Catholic Education (FOCE) supports a Food Certificate program to assist parents in reducing the cost of tuition at Frederick County Catholic Schools. To learn more about the program please contact FOCE at or www.friendsofcatholiced.orgScrip ProgramScrip is a new tuition credit program now being offered by St. John's as a way to help defray the cost of tuition.



Scrip provides gift certificates or gift cards from over 300 national and local retailers which may be purchased via an on-line program at Examples of how much can be earned in tuition credits include: Starbucks (7%), Regal Entertainment (16%), Macy's (10%), Payless Shoes (13%), Land's End (17%), Macaroni Grille (11%), Barnes & Noble (9%), Sports Authority (8%), Panera Bread (9%).To enroll in the program, please follow these steps:

Log onto for a complete list of retailers. Then register to be a member of ShopWithScrip. The SJRCS enrollment code is 81C9B1A58989. The Scrip method of payment on-line for SJRCS orders is provided by PrestoPay.

Tuition credit will be applied to your account on a monthly basis. Scrip credits may also be applied to a general tuition assistance fund for families at our school.

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