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Invest In Your Child's Future: 

For less than $20 a day, you can give your child the gift of an exemplary Catholic education, with academic excellence, and in a safe environment.   We will help your child assemble a solid foundation and reinforce your family's values.  With an SJRCS education, your child is formed for success, in high school, college, and career! Click here to request more information.


Testimonial from SJRCS Alumni Parents Chris and Troy Ireland

 “We can never share the depth of gratitude that we feel towards SJRCS. Arden was chosen as a Sancta Crux Scholar at Academy of the Holy Cross. She was also awarded the merit based, Tartan Scholarship.  After presenting a sample of her work and an essay, we found out just today that the Fine Arts Scholarship did come through for her as well! She could not be happier. We could not be happier for her. 

She didn't arrive here alone, we are indebted to SJRCS for doing all that you do and doing it so well. It is definitely God's work to help these kids find their place in life. The love that is evident at school is palpable. You could not have given this girl a more stable foundation on which to build her academic career, and really her life.  We are overwhelmed with excitement and abundant gratitude. None of us could have done any better by her. Thank you for contributing to her journey and helping her get exactly where she wants to be." 


Tuition for the 2018-2019 School Year

Grades PK

Regional Parishioner Fee

Non-Parishioner Fee
PK3 1/2 Day (3 days) $2,698.00 $3,276.00
PK3 & PK4 1/2 Days (5 days) $4,497.00 $5,460.00
PK3 & PK4 Full Day (5 days) $7,495.00 $9,100.00
Grades K-8 Regional Parishioner Fee Non Parishioner Fee
1 Student $7,495.00


2 Students $14,241.00 $17,290.00
3 Students $19,862.00 $24,115.00
4 Students $22,860.00 $27,755.00
5 Students $24,359.00 $29,575.00



 *Payment options include; Single payment (due8/15) 4% discount, two equal payments (due 8/15 & 12/15) 2% discount on second payment, or 10 monthly payments.


Parents in Partnership Volunteer Program for the 2018/2019 School Year

Parents and guardians of the students in St. John Regional Catholic School are encouraged to become actively involved by volunteering here at school. Parents may receive a discount off their tuition in the amount of $10 an hour up to 30 hours per student. This can reduce each student’s tuition by $300 each. The Pre-K half day students can earn a $150 reduction in tuition by volunteering 15 hours a year.


Student 1            30 hours of volunteering equals $300 reduction off tuition

Student 2            60 hours of volunteering equals $600 reduction off tuition

Student 3            90 hours of volunteering equals $900 reduction off tuition                                                                 

½ day Students   15 hours of volunteering equals $150 reduction off tuition

 All volunteers must be VIRTUS certified when volunteering for any activity at the school.



Frequently asked Questions regarding AffordabilityIs financial assistance available?

Financial assistance is available through the Frederick County Parish Tuition Assistance Fund, Friends of Catholic Education Scholarships, Walser Foundation, James & Marian McSherry Endowment Scholarship, the Eliot Kelly Scholarship, and SJRCS. 

SJRCS Grants & Scholarships are awarded to students based on merit and financial need.  In order to apply for a grant or scholarship you must apply through FACTS.

To apply for Financial Assistance or SJRCS Grants & Scholarships Click Here


Why do I have to pay a registration fee?

The registration fee ensures a spot for your child in the upcoming school year. Budgeting and plans can be made for class resources and curricular activities once the class sizes have been determined.


Why is there a different tuition rate for a family of another faith?

All registered Catholic parishioners regularly give a financial offering to their parish through the weekly collection. This monetary contribution is used to cover various maintenance costs for the parish and school facilities including offsetting the cost to educate all students. It is acknowledged that while these families pay a lower annual tuition rate they are offering financial contributions to the parish collection which also benefits the school.


Why should I give to the parish offertory when my child is already enrolled in St. John Regional Catholic School?

Our parishioners’ financial support is essential to fund and staff our programs. The reason to give is to make an investment in the movement of the kingdom of God in our community. The stewardship commitment of our parishioners is an investment in the work God is doing. This investment creates the opportunity for children in the parish to attend an academically excellent school.  Our regional pastors serve the students in the school as spiritual leaders throughout the year, not just on the weekends.

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